Swimming Pool

(Tim-Tim escribe hoy. Así que toca en inglés)

This morning Pol decided not to go to class and stay in the dorms to sleep and tidy his room. Classes were pretty boring today and the only awesome thing was listening to the italian guys talking in their strange accent. They put a “eee” in the end of every word. For example: “Thiseeee iseee aeeee sentenceee witheee aeee italianeeee accenteeeee.”

After classes we had ha relax-day again. We just ate something in Westwood and then went to the pool to lay in the sun and we planed to play football or soccer. But then we got kicked off the field because there was a summercamp with kids in the age of 5 to 8 years who had rented the field.

Chillaxing at the Pool

Agus and Kevin by the pool

So we sat in the sun and started talking about what to do in the evening. We decided to have dinner first and then go to the GYM and after that buy alcohol to get really boozed in the evening. ( By the Way: Its IN the morning, IN the afternoon, IN the evening but AT night!!! Thats the stuff we learn at class). But in the end we ended up only buying the alcohol and not going to the GYM because everybody is pretty lazy and cant be bothered going to work out.

So there is actually nothing really interesting to write about today and i guess thats the reason why they let me do it today cause i cant write any shit.

Pol enjoying his banana ( he likes them VERY much)

I think it should be mentioned how extreamely awesome our RA (Resident Advisor) named Sam. He is Armenian and not like u would imagine a RA.  He is the one telling to get drunk and even drives us to get alcohol. In his everyday life he is a teacher of History and English. So it is obvious (“like violence”, another of our jokes) that we have alot of fun with him and he is not strict and a water-party.

Greetings from that german guy Tim-Tim…..


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