Special Episode: English Oriented

The following translations have been made because there are some non Spanish lectors that have asked us to write in English. This translations do not pretend to be perfect, and mistakes wont be corrected. Thanks.

Chaos in UCLA: Sam gets fired

Advise: This post contains true and false facts. Moreover, there are lots of metaphores and tricky sentences. Guess what is true and what is product of your imagination.

Today we woke up covered in blood. Our room was full of vultures. and fishes as always, and our impression was thar the blood was originated due to the fights of the vultures between them.

Even more, the sky was full of what seemed to be huge bats, all of them shouting and spining arround UCLA. Panic could be seen everywhere in the morning, and the situation evolved to crazyness. Because of the crazy status, chefs stopped cooking, teachers did not teach lessons and students did go to class while fishes were not avoiding to be fished.

When we tried to have breakfast, we could not achieve our goal because of the strikers, called protestors here. There were inhuman arguments in the morning, but even though we went to class, like A-style people fluorescent flip-flops while singing “Singing in the rain…”. Cool!! But when the class was at the middle point, the teacher (MR. Randall) flow away trough the window like a Waterworld plane, and we did not see him again.

Outside, in the corridor, there were lots of students exposing diferent ideas. Some of them were wearing leaflets against HIV, other against drugs, others were supporting the destruction of the world with nuclear weapons, and stuff like these. All of them were shouting like bats, trying to attract as much people as possible.

Because of the general KAOS, we decided to join the Kaos. The students of the summercamo started a general strike in UCLA. We prepared barricades with tables from the dinning room and beds from the dorms, and we burned the central square in UCLA while (Sum 41 – Underclass Hero) was being played and cheerleaders with almost no clothes danced arround the bonfire.

This paranoia ended with an explosion, that was like the end of one season of Lost. The sky turned into orange and the fire was everywhere. A giant Elvis Preisley appeared flying above the bonfires and danced the Chiki-Chiki while all UCLA, Westwood and Santa Monica inhabitants praised the Elvis on their knees. Then Otto explained his life foolosophy (See video).

Sam was fired, because he get caught by the security campus agents from UCLA while he was making a big party in the middle of that KAOS. He violated every single rule in UCLA, in the state of California and the entire country. Sam answer was “’m already fired, what else can they do to me?! Fire me again?”. So Sam took alcoholic drinks and started drinking in the dorms and corridors of the bilding.

Just before going to sleep, something incredible happened, but this can not be explained here for diferent reasons. Tim-Tim can ask to Pol with the keyword (Table-game).

Universal Studios: The return of the Kings

Like a turtle after a marathon, we woke up this morning with a fresh feeling and an extreme vitality. There was no plan, and some day we had to return to Universal Studios, so ANA said to Elena to join us. Carlos, Ricardo, X and Giovanni went with us. Nuria went to Venice Beach, and Nicoló had a tatto made on his ankle, with the letters of LA. Tomorrom, Leonardo, known as Mr. Humble will try to get a Tiger in his arm (Venice Beach).

Like the other time that we went to Universal Studios, we took the bus to Hollywood and then the Metro to Universal City. The Subway (Metro) is used almost exclusively by tourists, because everybody is used  to drive everywhere, even to buy some beverages in the shop on the next corner. The subway station in Hollywood is full of interesting information abaout  California.

Not paying in the Hollywood Subway is extremely easy, there are no security agents, and you don’t need to validate your ticket, you just have to buy it. The suppose that people is kind and everybody has enough money to pay (1.25 dollars). Obviously, like violence, we didn’t pay, and when we were in the subway, we heard the Public-Sound system anouncing that we had to pay (explicit reference to us), and so we did.

Once in U.S. we entered to the Universal Tour, the most famous atraction of the theme park. This atraction drives you trough many scenes from different famous movies, like Espartaco, Shark, The Truman Show, and other stuff.

Visit to the park…

Elena, the italian girl had gone to UCLA, after paying 65 dollars to go to Universal Studios, she went back to UCLA after 1 atraction, by taxi, alone. It aboves her the money, a lot. APA went to Terminator, Shrek and we completed all the atractions that we could not visit the first day.

Back to UCLA…

We meet the new girls that are staying in Tim-Tim’s old room. The new neighbours are much better than the other ones, of course. This is Miriam (Spain) and Doria (France). Doria has a stupid french friend, called X, and she gets angry for everything, she is the most unkind person we’ve meet here in UCLA. There is aso a new japanese girl aged 22, called Kezumi (maybe). A group of 15 or something like this have gone all to Habibi cafe, but not Angel, that stayed in the dorms and sleept for 14 hours.

Hollywood sign and Downtown LA


Fucking monday. Back to classes after the Weekend. Every monday there are examinations for the new students, to verify his level of english.

Yesterday Pol & Agus went out to Westwood with the over 21 aged people, so we were really exhausted, but we have gone to have breakfast and to the classes, like 2 big champions. The classes are boring and seem endless, because everybody is tired and planning the afternoon.


After the classes Angel, Pol, Agus, Kenneth and Franc (Spanish group) have gone by car (Frank and Kenneth have a big car for all the week) to the Hollywood Sign. We pretended to go as near as possible, and touch and bite and taste the letters if possible, but we could not, due to closed roads, and other shit. We sent to a mountain near the sign, where we took some pictures of us and the sign, like big tourists. Tom-Tom is obviouly, like violence, worse than Tim-Tim, because it doesn’t take into account the closed roads.

After that, Kenneth has driven us to Downtown LA, where the big buildings of LA. We saw the US Bank Tower, The Standard, and other interesting buildings. Near where we parked the car, at the modest price of 5$ every 15 minutes, there was the Los Angeles Central Library. We tried to reach the roof of lots of buildings, without succes.

Downtown is a dangerous place. We saw in the street the place where the last episode of the first season of Heroes ends (the red stairs where Sylar is…)


In UCLA, we’ve taken a little nap. Nuria was disappeared, Angel went to Santa Monica with Elena. Agus stayed in the room to findsome friends from the University connected, and Pol went to Hollywood with the above 21 people. Pol was almost fished by the pakistany girl called Angela, but not.

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